R.E.A.D.S Tennessee electronic library

Kingston Public Library

Roane Writer’s Group, Thursdays 6:00 PM up to 8:00 PM

Do you write? Have you always wanted to write a book, poetry, memoir, news articles, or scripts for plays or movies? Would you like to be involved in a writer’s group that costs nothing, accepts all members, has a friendly and welcoming approach to support of your writing goals?

We have no dues or education/experience requirements. Our only expectation is that you have an interest in writing and are willing to participate in a group setting as an equal. Give us a try – we look forward to meeting you at the Kingston Public Library on Thursday nights.

Want more info? Contact BJ Gillum (RCWC Founder) at (865) 354-8658.

The Roane County Writer’s Club mission is to:

Encourage new writers through collective mentoring
Support writers in the persuit of excellence through constructive criticism
Provide an outlet for community menbers who have stories to tell or family histories to record for posterity
Recognize and encourage passion for all types of writing
Share information and establish relationships in community with creative folk