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Coronavirus update 3-16-2020, 11.45 am

Coronavirus update 3-16-2020, 11.45 am

The Kingston Public Library BUILDING will now be closed to the public…HOWEVER, if you already have a card, we will be inside and will deliver books to your car! This means you can pick up books that are on hold for you. Please call ahead and we will pull items for you and put them on hold…you must know which specific items you want when you call.  Our phone number is 865-376-9905.

All upcoming programming, including Story Time, is canceled until further notice.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING BOOKS BACK. All due dates will be extended and overdue fines will be forgiven. Do not put books in the book drop and don’t leave them near the front door. We want to avoid exchanging germs.

The wi-fi will stay on for the time being. You can still access the Internet from the parking lot.

If we do close the library completely, we will announce it on our Facebook page, on this website, and on Twitter:

Don’t forget: R.E.A.D.S, the library’s collection of eBooks and audiobooks, remains available and so does TEL, the Tennessee Electronic Library. These electronic library resources can be accessed at:
The links to R.E.A.D.S and TEL are in the upper right corner of the web page.

Here are two sites for more information about Coronavirus:

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